How much does the service cost?

The rate is currently $18.00 per month per trash cart plus taxes. New accounts will have a one-time Set-up Fee of $15.00 per cart plus taxes. New customers are charged a $30.00 Deposit. This is a flat-rate service fee and not based on your use of the service. We send out statements once every three months (April, July, October, and January for the previous three months of service). For more information, please call our office at 501-622-3658.

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1. How do I register for collection services?
2. Am I required to use GCDES house-to-house collection services?
3. Where should my cart be located for pick-up?
4. What is the holiday schedule?
5. Will inclement weather affect my trash service?
6. How much does the service cost?
7. Are there any discounts available?
8. How can I pay my bill?
9. What if I have to move out of my house or the house is otherwise vacant?
10. What can I put in my trash container?
11. Will you shut off my service if I don’t pay my bill?
12. I am renting/leasing-to-buy. Who is responsible for paying the trash?
13. I own the home but don’t live in it. Do I need to do anything?