Garland County Prevent "Littering" Spay & Neuter Program

Spay and Neuter Flyer with Library Location

Participating Veterinarians:

  • Airport Road Animal Hospital            Dr. Mark Bell                    501-767.3566

  • Airport Road Animal Hospital             Dr. Sarah Fader                501-767.3566

  • All Creatures Animal Hospital            Dr. David Smith                501-525-9051

  • Kelly Veterinary Clinic                         Dr. Claire Weeks              501-623-5781

  • Temperance Hill Animal Hospital       Dr. Greg Taylor                501-525-5723

  • The Pet Clinic                                        Dr. Michael Whatley       501-624-5516

  • Village Pet Services                             Dr. Robert Zepecki          501-625-3418

  • Your Pets Animal Hospital                   Dr. Sandy Deary              501-623-7387

Limit one voucher per household every six months. The voucher does not pay for a spay or neuter.

The voucher will be applied TOWARDS the cost of a spay or neuter.

***Please confirm the price of the spay or neuter and any other services that might be charged by the veterinarian before the surgery date.***