Stormwater Permit Requirements

How to Determine if you Need a Stormwater Permit

Sites that Require a Garland County Stormwater Permit

  • Any Project sites, regardless of size, that have the potential to pollute Waters of the State (such as stream, creek, or lake-front)
  • Sites greater than one (1) but less than five (5) disturbed acres OR Part of a Larger Common Plan (Subdivision) regardless of size.
  • All Commercial Sites

Note: Sites less than 5 acres are not required to permit through ADEQ.

Sites that Require both ADEQ and Garland County Stormwater Permits

  • Sites greater than five (5) but less than ten (10) disturbed acres.
  • Sites greater than ten (10) disturbed acres.

Note: Garland County will not issue Stormwater permits on Project sites larger than 5 acres unless a permit from ADEQ has been issued.

Garland County Requirements

Note: A project that meets the above criteria should begin a permitting process with the Department of Emergency Management (DEM) for addressing.

  • Must meet ADEQ Stormwater permit requirements.
  • Submit Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) to Garland County Environmental Inspections Division for review prior to land disturbance.
  • Post visible to public, ADEQ Automatic Site Coverage Notice (Small Sites) or ADEQ Notice of Coverage (Medium or Large Sites).
  • Keep a signed copy of your SWPPP on site and update it regularly.
  • Correctly install a rain gauge, solid waste dumpster and maintain Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for erosion and sediment control.
  • Properly train ALL involved contractors and inspectors.
  • Perform Inspections every 7 days or within 24 hours of a half inch or more rain event.
  • Never discharge muddy water, sediment, or other pollutants from the job site.
  • Upon final stabilization contact Garland County Environmental Inspections Division for final inspection for permit closure.

If you have determined that you need a Small Site Permit from the criteria and requirements please fill out and submit the SWPPP Template and ADEQ Small Site Automatic Coverage and email to [email protected]

If you are going to disturb greater than 5 acres you are required to permit with ADEQ first, those templates are found at ADEQ's Website

If you have any questions or are unsure if you are required to have a permit please feel free to contact our office.