Foreclosure Schedule


  • Circuit Clerk will offer to the public property designated by the Circuit Court to sell at auction.
  • Circuit Clerk will sell the designated property to the highest bidder.
  • All sales will be located at the north entrance on the first floor of the Garland County Courthouse.
  • Bidders must qualify under the terms of sale as prescribed by the law. For information concerning delinquent tax property sales visit the State Land Commissioner’s website.
  • View February 2024 Sale Notice

Foreclosure Sale Guidelines

The terms of sale are:

  • The purchaser will pay the full purchase price the day of the sale
  • Pay 10% of the purchase price, non-refundable, with the balance due to the Commissioner, plus 10% interest per annum from sale date until paid, within three (3) months (unless otherwise specified) from the sale date
  • The Circuit Clerk’s office does not perform title/lien searches
  • The individual interested in designated properties needs to complete title/record search on their own or hire a title company to perform a title/lien search
  • Property is sold as is with no warranty
  • The Circuit Clerk’s office, Circuit Clerk or member of the clerk’s staff does not provide legal advice regarding property designated for sale