Public Records

This office handles data entry of files, maintains the files for each of the courts, and maintains the dockets for the Circuit Judges. In addition, Court Deputy Clerks handle numerous other duties, including answering the phone, issuing warrants, summons, subpoenas and notices, and waiting on the public. Court deputy Clerks also work closely with the probation offices, DHS, prosecutors, attorneys and judges (as appropriate for the individual courts).

Domestic Court

Handles divorce, domestic abuse, child support, paternity, and other case filings.

Civil Court

Handles negligence, bad faith, fraud, malpractice, product liability, foreclosure, quiet title, injunction, partition condemnation, condemnation, replevin, declaratory judgment, unlawful detainer, foreign judgment, writs, administrative appeal, property forfeiture, remove disabilities, name changes and other case filings.

Juvenile Court

Handles delinquency cases, dependant-neglect cases and Family In Need of Services (FINS) cases.

Criminal Court

Handles all felony type cases filed by the Garland County Prosecutor's Office and all appeals from the District Courts.