Garland County History

Garland County was formed on April 5, 1873, and was named for Augustus. H. Garland, Governor of Arkansas, U.S. Senator, and Grover Cleveland's Attorney General. Hot Springs, the county seat, has drawn visitors to the area for many years. The landscape of Garland County is rugged terrain and heavily forested Ouachita Mountains. 

First National Reservation

In 1832, Hot Springs National Park became the first national reservation set aside for recreational purposes and is the only national park within a city. There are 47 springs along the base of the Hot Springs Mountain. Recreation and tourism have always been mainstays of the county's economy, along with livestock production and logging. 

Largest Quartz Crystal Mining

One of the largest quartz crystal mining operations in North America is located in Garland County. Also, the famous Oaklawn Park offers thoroughbred horse racing from February through April.  Three lakes, Lake Ouachita, Lake Catherine and Lake Hamilton all offer a full range of water sports and recreation facilities. As of July 1, 2017, Garland County had a population of 98,658 residents.

Tan colored Garland County Courthouse with tree and old car driving by on street- Years 1905-1913