District 7

John Faulkner, Justice of the Peace

I am currently Manager of Hot Springs Street Division and do my best to assist the citizens of Hot Springs and give them the best service possible. Working for the City inspired me to run for Justice of the Peace so I might bring my knowledge to the residents of Garland County. In 2008 I started my first term as Garland County District 7 Justice of the Peace. I am a working man; I realize the value of a dollar, and that money should be spent wisely. I am also a family man married to my wife, Gina, and I am the proud father of five wonderful children, who are are all adults. I believe in justice and dong the right thing, and I will always do my best for both city and county residents.

About District 7

District 7 is the largest district in the county, stretching from the southern shore of Lake Hamilton and Lake Catherine all the way to the county lines. District 7 is primarily rural, but it includes some incorporated areas of the City of Hot Springs as well as the community of Diamondhead. District 7 is also the home of one of Arkansas’ top visitor attractions, beautiful Garvan Woodland Gardens.