Addressing Authority

Garland County does not have a Planning Board or Commission, nor has the Quorum Court been elected to assume the powers, duties and functions of a Planning Board or Commission. The county does not issue any type of Certificate of Occupancy. However, the Quorum Court has adopted several ordinances that relate to development issues in the Unincorporated areas. The 911 Administrative Office of the Garland County Department of Emergency Management, issues all new residential and commercial addresses in Unincorporated Garland County.  Addresses for new development inside incorporated Hot Springs, are issued by Hot Springs Planning / Addressing Office. The Department of Emergency Management is located at 401 Mid America Boulevard (501-767-3911)

Addressing Ordinance Number 0-16-16

“An ordinance establishing a uniform system for numbering buildings and street frontage, naming streets, numbering lakefront property, providing the methods for instituting said system, for the enforcement thereof; and for other purposes." View the full ordinance (PDF)

Address Requirements

Garland County Addressing ordinance states that the Owner or Agent proposing to locate any house, building, or structure in need of an address in unincorporated Garland County, shall apply to the 911 Administrative Office, of the Garland County Department of Emergency Management, for the assignment of the correct address number. No property shall be developed or otherwise occupied prior to contacting the 911 Administrative Office. All properties being developed must be permitted by the Garland County Floodplain department, prior to an address being issued and work commencing.

Address Application

The Address Application (PDF) includes all of the necessary data that is required to submit for assignment of an address in unincorporated Garland County. Address assignment within the incorporated boundary of the City of Hot Springs, should be directed to the City of Hot Springs, Planning Department / 911 Addressing.

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