Always keep garage door closed and locked. Intruders may seek entrance through the garage, burglarize the garage or even use tools stored in your garage to break into your home. Keep tools in a locked location. The single lock on the garage door is not enough to keep intruders from prying up the opposite side and crawling in.

Secure Your Garage

Secure your garage door by:

  • Add a top center hasp – any person of average height can operate this device
  • Adding another bolt and padlock to the opposite side
  • Cover garage windows so burglars cannot see whether or not the garage is empty
  • Display your house number on your garage door or backyard fence; this will help law enforcement locate your house quickly when responding to a call
  • Installing a pair of cane bolts to the inside (these operate from the inside only)
  • Secure attic openings in attached carports or garages by installing a case-hardened halp and padlock