Don’t depend only upon an alarm to protect you…be sure to use the proper locking devices. An alarm does not physically keep a burglar out of your home or business.

Shopping for an Alarm

There are many types of alarms on the market. Secure the services of a reputable alarm company. They will advise you of the best system to protect your home. Space detection methods (motion detectors) are excellent. Physical contact methods are fair, but tend to send false alarms.

Any alarm system should include:

  • A battery fail-safe back-up
  • Horn sounding device installed in attic through vent
  • In addition to the alarm sounding at the residence, your system should transmit a signal to the alarm company; this will insure notification of law enforcement
  • Read-out ability to check working of system
  • Smoke-sensing capability

Take the list above with you when you shop for an alarm


While on vacation, be sure to lock your home before you leave and let a trusted neighbor have a key and emergency contact information.