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After School Safety Check is a telephone reassurance program. Here are the only requirements:

  • You live in Garland County (which includes the city limits)
  • You must have a touch-tone telephone

Once subscribed, our system automatically calls your child on the days and at the times you designate. If the call is not answered or acknowledged, our system will automatically call you and/or send you an email alert.

Parents - We must stress that we will not be able to send units to check on your children. This system is designed as a tool to assist you and to contact you if your child does not answer the phone after school. If they do not answer, it is your responsibility to check on them.

How It Works

Parents, you simply provide us with the phone number and time you wish our system to call to make sure your child has made it home safely from school. The time can be set in five minute intervals, such as 3:30, 3:35 and so on, up until 8 p.m. You may also choose the days of the week to be called. If your child does not answer the telephone, then your contact number or numbers will be called. You can leave up to three numbers for our system to call such as your work or cell phone and or a second parent contact number.

The call your child receives will be a recorded voice and it will simply ask them to push number 1 on the phone keypad if they are okay.

If they respond that everything is OK, no further action is taken. If there is no answer, the system is put into action. Several things happen simultaneously at this point.

  • Your 1st Contact Number is called and informs you that the child has not answered.
  • Your 2nd Contact Number is called (if #1 was unanswered).
  • Your 3rd Contact Number is called (if #1 and #2 was unanswered).
  • An email is sent informing you that the call went unanswered.

With multiple phone lines and digital technology, this all takes place within seconds!


To get your child enrolled in this free service simply fill in the Registration Form, and submit it.


If you have any questions about After School Safety Check, please contact Captain Shelby Terry at 501-622-3673 or email.