Meet the Sheriff

Meet Sheriff Mike McCormick


Mike McCormick became Garland County Sheriff on Jan. 1, 2015. Sheriff McCormick was elected to the post in November 2014 after promising greater professionalism, experience and independence.

Patrol Duties

Sheriff McCormick has successfully increased the number of patrol duties without additional funding from the County and improved the Criminal Investigations Division leading to more solved crimes and more convictions. Sheriff McCormick emphasizes professionalism, transparency and proper training and equipment for GCSO employees.


Sheriff McCormick is a professional law enforcement officer with more than 30 years of experience in Garland County. A Garland County resident since 1981, McCormick started his Arkansas law enforcement career at the Sheriff's Office before progressing through the ranks at the Hot Springs Police Department. McCormick served the department as a Patrol Officer, Sergeant of the Patrol Division, Lieutenant and Patrol Shift Commander, Captain and Commander of the Criminal Investigation Division, and Interim Chief of Police.


Sheriff McCormick is a certified law enforcement officer who holds a senior certificate from the Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement Training and Standards -- the highest certification level possible in Arkansas. He is a graduate of Arkansas Leader Command Training, Law Enforcement School of Supervision at the University of Arkansas Criminal Justice Institute and Leadership of Hot Springs.


Growing up in a military family, the Sheriff was born in Great Britain and graduated high school and college in South Dakota. He is a graduate of South Dakota State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology. Among his many achievements and awards are a Congressional Letter of Recognition and eight Outstanding Achievement Awards from the Hot Springs Police Department. McCormick was acknowledged three times for Outstanding Community Service by the Arkansas Secretary of State.