Search for Judgments Against a Person or Business

Choose this option to search by name:

  • Last Name or Company Name is required
  • Enter the First name (if known)
  • Enter the Middle name (if known)

Additional Search Criteria

  • Select the “Check for Phonetic Search” checkbox to search for names with similar spellings
  • Select the “Check for Partial Last Name” checkbox if you only know part of the person’s last name

Judgment Date Range

Enter dates in the “Beginning Judgment” and “Ending Judgment” fields to narrow your search results to a particular Judgment Date range.

Judgment Status

Use Judgment Status to narrow your search results by:

  • All
  • Not Satisfied
  • Fully Satisfied
  • Partially Satisfied

Search Tip: The more information you can provide, the shorter the list of selections you will have to search through.