Search by Person Name, Business Name or Case Type

Choose this option to search by name:

  • Last Name or Company Name is required.
  • Enter the First Name (if known).
  • Enter the Middle Name (if known).

Note: Only criminal defendants can be found using the person search in cases from paper-reporting courts. No images are available.

Additional Search Criteria

If you are unsure of the exact spelling of a name, there are two additional ways you can search:

  • Select the “Check for Phonetic Search” checkbox to search for names with similar spellings. A phonetic example search on JOHNSON will produce matches such as JOHNSON, JONSON, JOHNNSON, JONNSON
  • Select the “Check for Partial Last Name or Partial First Name” checkbox if you only know part of the person’s first or last name.
    A partial last name search on SMITH will produce matches such as SMITH, SMITHERS and SMITHWICK. (Partial name searches will take longer to retrieve results)

You cannot search with both check boxes selected at the same time.

DL Number, Date of Birth, Date Range

The results can also be limited if you enter the driver license number, date of birth, or the beginning or ending dates for when the case was filed.

Case Type

Select a specific Case Type to narrow your search results to that case type or select a Case Group to include one of the following groups of cases:

Appellate Case Groups

  • 01 - Criminal
  • 02 - Civil
  • 03 - Writs
  • 04 - Discipline

Circuit Case Groups

  • 11 - Criminal
  • 12 - Civil
  • 14 - Domestic Relations
  • 15 - Probate

District Case Groups

  • 32 - Civil
  • 33 - Small claims
  • 34 - City Docket
  • 35 - State/County Docket

Party Type

Select a specific Party Type to narrow your search results to find cases where a person was the specific Party Type. For example, if you are searching for John Smith, but only want the cases where John Smith was a plaintiff, select the Plaintiff Party Type from the list.